Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Men

A good man it's said
is hard to find.
Not true,
good men inhabit the earth
and sleep in our beds
and set the sky aglow.
Good men are best
when we have earned them,
because we are good women.
One cannot distinguish
good men
from other men on sight,
since ordinary men have been seen
to wear goodness
as a wolf wears sheep's clothing.
True goodness makes itself known through acts of caring and ethical conduct.
A good man aims to please but without expense to his dignity
and separateness of self.
That is his way of life.
The best of goodness expresses itself naturally and all of the time.
Not just when it is needed.
At its uppermost goodness is trustworthiness
and comes to call
as a fusion of teacher, physician, father, lover, friend.
Goodness in a man allows a woman
to live with him off guard.
William Saroyan wrote well of goodness...
Seek goodness everywhere
and when it is found,
bring it out of its hiding place to be free and unashamed.

Frances Lear
Lear's Magazine - 1988

Well said Frances. They also say you need to know what you want before you attract it. In this year of heightened self-awareness, I thank you for reminding me with your words of wisdom and clarity.

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maiken said...

Hello *my* friend, for whom I am so grateful. I found this: http://democraticsingles.net/view.php?prfPrfId=40622